My work is primarily concerned with the body and time, and modes of perceptual understanding. I attempt to unravel these contexts through a growing constellation of chapters, through which I explore sensory experience, and encounters between body, environment, and device.

Integral throughout all of my work and research is the role of the lens, as medium and as a medium between our physical space and our perception of it. Filmmaking and photography, and the materiality of both formats, is important - the physical and bodily nature of celluloid becomes a central element of the work itself. Films are projected and re-filmed, re-projected - continuous cycles of light, transparency, body.

Through these processes of image-making, of abstracting, cropping, and distorting the figurative, my work examines shifts between the bodily and the immaterial; the senses and the subconscious. It considers roles of technological prostheses, ‘instruments of the imagination’, and the human condition of longing to see further, through the mapping of internal, external and ‘invisible’ worlds.